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pricing the cost of roofing

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I need to know how much laminated timberline shingles should cost and how much it should cost to have a contractor reroof 29.67 squaares
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Timberlines are around $90 a square.

Labor and other materials can vary so much, no one could give you a number that is even close to accurate. We need more info.....

Where are you located?
Do you usually pay for quality?
Want a decent warranty/guarantee
Do you want to hire a salesman with a team of subs or hire a real crew that does their own work?
Is it an insurance claim?
If the adjusters price and the contractor price differs by much, you are just heading for trouble. Read some of the stories here. Storm damage areas see the worst of it because contractors can get in and out so fast and you never see them again.

$20 off and $20 on.......I know prices are cheaper down there because of all the illegals, but that is absurd. We have gotten more than $40 a square just for new projects for the last 15 years.

It also sounds to me that you are trying to put money in your pocket, which isn't quite legal.
Very good explanation Ron, If I do say so myself. :thumbsup:

Insurance adjuster's use software to make their estimate. Same with a contractor. Overhead, insurance, profit, etc, etc. are all figured in. If estimates are higher than what they give you, you can get the money to fix your house correctly. It is a process, but as long as you don't need any immediate remedies, you have a full year from the claim and can get extensions if necessary. Some will try to pressure you right away because of various reasons they may give you. It's all lies. You have up to two years to get the work completed.

It's not your responsibility to get someone within a certain price range, so don't worry about that.

Get someone local that you trust and you shouldn't have any problems.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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