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Price Pfister shower/tub mounted upside down

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So a plumber mounted the valve body of an Ashfield assy upside down (tub outlet facing up) (dumb f*&ker!!! :furious::furious:), and well needless to say, water runs out the shower head when I open the faucet. It is also leaking, and I'm about to check the seals, etc in the assy.

The (brick) wall has been closed up around the connections, and the wall is tiled off - so I cannot access the assy to turn it right side up without cutting tiles:furious::furious::furious:. I can still access the front of the assy, though. Is there any way the valve internals can be modified (turned) to fix this? Thanks.
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not sure what the prob is with the leak, but in ref to the valve installed upside down, there is no easy fix to correct it. One solution, though I feel you should not have to do it if you hired a licensed plumber, would be to put a diverter on the nipple before the shower head and have the extra opening capped off. I'm not sure how the pressure s going to work with the tub spout since the opening to the showerhead is often reduced in the valve body, thus increasing pressure via restriction.


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