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Price Pfister Faucet Issue

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So my hand faucet broke the other day, ordered a new one and the line that went with it (that needed replaced too). So when getting under the sink and screwing it in, I noticed that the little copper joint was able to move when I screwed it in. See attached image, a red arrow points to it.

So screwed in my faucet line, and it connected fine, but now water shoots up out of the joint (Where the arrow is). Is that joint now broken and loose which is why the water shoots out? It keeps spinning and doesn't seem to catch.

Any way to fix it? Plumbers Puddy or anything?

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There's no red arrow in the picture.
Only joint I see is a flared nut.
If that's it slide the nut back and check for a crack in the flare.
If it's cracked just slide the nut back cut the tube, reflare it and it should be good as new.
Ahh, thanks. Wrong photo. See here:

The nut doesn't seem to slide back at all. It's loose, but doesn't slide back up the tube.
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Looks like you are getting a new faucet to fix it. If the nut is not sliding back up, either there is calcium in the way, or they have a hump right above, to keep it from moving up too far.

Have to love Cheap Chinese made crap. Sent a email to Delta Faucets regarding the hose for our shower two piece, and that was around two weeks ago, they said they would send me a new replacement hose for it. This was a new fixture, but the fittings of course like the shower head are 100% plastic.

I did fix the problem with a little caulk, so all is fine. Maybe in six weeks or three months, I may find the new hose sitting on my door stoop.
Give the nut a light tap with the handle on the hammer to see if you can get it to slide up.
Think I'm just gonna give the plumber a call. I've had bad luck w/ plumbing as of late ;)

Thanks all!
tetuanrp said:
Think I'm just gonna give the plumber a call. I've had bad luck w/ plumbing as of late ;)

Thanks all!
must have money to throw away. More pleasure in doing it yourself. Worst case, you end up installing a whole new better faucet than that Price Pfister. There is not a reason why they do not call them the Wal-Mart of faucets.
There's nothing wrong with that joint. You just forget to put in the sealing washer. It works the same as a garden hose washer, just smaller.
If it is a flared connection there is no sealing washer.
Hard to say from that picture.
Fisher price, I thought they only made toys, guess they are making toy faucets for adults now. What does the other end of the hose screw into. If it is just spinning maybe the threads are not interlocking.
price pfister is a good product and their service dept. is second to none.
I had problems a couple time and called the Company with the model number both time they sent the parts free of charge. That's a couple years after they were installed.
I personally prefer Delta but the old lady liked the pfister I had no choice.
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