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price pfister 3 piece shower stem

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Hey guys, so i recently purchased my first home and after redoing some of the bathroom tile i noticed all 3 shower handles in my shower were lose the screw that screws the handle to the top of the stem was rusted and rotted in all 3. When i tried to unscrew them all 3 screws snapped off inside the top of the stems. After doing some research and going to the local plumbing supply house i was able to order the 2 new hot and cold stems (part # 910-030) theyre the ceramic ones and a new diverter valve. I want to replace the old trim kit can anyone tell me what specific kit fits these stems. Also do I need to remove and replace the valve seat for the diverter? And is there a specific way each hot/cold ceramic valve needs to be installed, as well as the diverter?
Sorry if these questions are simple. I searched google repeatedly and got nothing
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Call or go online to price phister, (link below) they will have what you need and talk you through it. Very reputable company. Just a suggestion.
thank you any other suggestions?
since your doing tile work , why dont you just put in a new shower body and trim?
I wqs repairing some floor tile aND floor trim not the shower
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