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Price and Estimates

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DangerMouse placed a nice sticky and yet there are many who would like to get a ball-park number when faced with repairs or maintenance projects. I thought that I would provide a link that has helped me a lot in the last two years.

The website is called and here is the link:

Hopefully, others will find this as helpful as I have. The great thing about this site is you CAN plug in your zip code. The site is quite comprehensive. I hope that everyone will explore the seemingly endlessness of the site. I have absolutely nothing to do with the site.

I'm a retired residential interior painting and wallcovering installer and remover and, this past year, I got a call out of the blue from the V.P. of Operations of a new Retirement Community who wanted to have accent walls in common areas within this three-story, three wing retirement home covered with both commercial and residential wallcoverings. I felt rusty and started searching for a site that would help me put together a proposal for her. The link, provided, was a great help. I used the "high" and "low" figures and used something in the middle as a figure that helped me secure the job. Then, used a friends Commercial Contracting business as my umbrella/employer. It was costly to do that but, I was looking at the bottom line that helped supplement my Social Security for last year...worked well for me.
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Nice suggestion but there's so many factors involved all I can see is this confusing them even more.
There going to have a set price in mind that may or may not even come close what they want done.
Have you spent much time on this and other websites and read some of the "what's it going to cost" questions?
Almost never do they include a location which can make a huge difference.
99% include no pictures or even a drawing.
Most sound like this, "how much would it cost to add a second story"
"How much does it cost to build a 2 car garage"
"How much does it cost to add a bathroom where there is none now"
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