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prewired alarm system

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I have an alarm system that was prewired... I am in the process of automating the house but I am trying to set up 2 wireless webcams as well, now the problem is that I don't have any pre-wired spots so the wires would be hanging in front of the wall, which makes it not nice to look at and not safe... I do have motion sensors where I want to put the webcams and I was wondering if there is a way to tap into those lines to power the security cameras?
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Use Wiremold (or similar) to cover the exposed wires. It's not expensive. Comes in various colors or can be painted.
You would need to know the power specifications of the motion sensors as well as the cameras - For example 12 volts DC. If they are the same, then they would use the same *voltage*.

Next you would need to know the *amperage* draw of both and the size of wire used for the motion sensors power. Determine if that wire size had the capacity of powering both at the same time.

And the amperage capacity of your alarm control unit to determine if that had the capacity to power *all* of these devices - there is a limit.

And lastly you would need to know *which* wires going to the motion sensor(s) were for power and which was positive (+) and which was negative (-).

If you don't know anything about all the above, then you are best to separately power the cameras, then you will not risk causing damage to your security system.
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