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Prestige 2 IAQ wiring question

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Hello. Here in OH my system is a heat pump with 3 electric strips. I eliminate strip heat as much as possible but there are occasions of bitterly-cold temps where they must be engaged. Historically, I isolated W1 from jumpered W2-W3 and took control via the t-stat when to engage W1 and W2, allowing the sequencer to control W3 (at least I'm guessing that's the correct terminology and how it's controlled). So now before I wire the Prestige I have two questions:

1. Would you suggest I remove the jumper to W3 at the air handler and connect it to U1 on the EIM, or would you consider it not a huge deal unless it runs xhours per month?

2. The manual states to wire a maximum of 2 sensors using S1-S4. I will definitely wire 2 sensors to measure Delta T but I also had the impression in my feeble mind that I could wire up-to two more temp sensors. Can you educate me on this?

Thank you
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I'd use the U terminal to control the third stage of aux heat.

Delta temp measurement only needs 2 sensors. And no reason to average it with more sensors.
I have never had cause to try it. But it generally will only recognize 1 set of differential temps. The other 2 S terminals set would be for indoor and outdoor temp, or safety sensor.

You can try it. But it may not work the way you want.
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