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I have an older Comet diesel-fired hot water pressure washer, and am repairing the fuel ignition electrodes. I have only seen a handful of fuel oil burners, so I'm not very savvy with them, and have a few questions.
  1. The attached pictures show my electrodes. Most oil burner electrodes I see online come to a sharp point above the fuel nozzle. Are my electrodes heavily worn, or is it possible they should be blunt? They do still spark in this blunt condition, but I believe the spark is too far away from the spray now, leading to misfiring.
  2. If installing new electrodes, what rules of thumb exist to set the electrodes, in proximity to the nozzle? In other words, what are the dimensions to set? For reference, my nozzle is 0.90 GPH, 60° W.
  3. According to the wiring schematic, the electrodes are sparking ALL the time, whether or not the water is spraying from the wand. The fuel pump is also spraying fuel as long as the wand is spraying; of course, this creates the fire. As soon as the wand stops spraying water, the fuel pump cuts out, but the electrodes continue sparking. Is this normal for oil burners to let the electrodes spark continuously? Can their life be extended by rewiring the machine to only have the electrodes spark when the fuel pump cuts in and the water is spraying?


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