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Pressure Treated Redwood ???

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I was picking up a couple of things at the local Lowes, and noticed that they had some decking that was being called "Pressure Treated Redwood". Sounds indestructible, but when I got home and did a Google search on the stuff, I found pretty much nothing. Anybody ever heard of this stuff or used it ?
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I think I have seen this at my Lowes (SF Bay area) too but can't remember. It seems like overkill. For example my local code says that any lumber having ground contact must be EITHER pressure treated or Redwood/Cedar. Also redwood is so good looking by itself, why wreck it with PT. I have heart redwood posts in my backyard that are 40 years old and only minimally rotted underground.
if they stock it, that only means someone talk'd a buyer into buying it OR they've had rqsts,,, have noted that once someone buys anything from the apron/vest stores, you usually see it in other yards shortly,,,nevertheless, someone's buying the stuff :yes: o'kill to me but, evidently, not to the others :jester: remember p t barnum said ' there's 1 born every minute ' :laughing:
Anybody ever heard of this stuff or used it ?
Never heard of it. I have seen what their calling “Cedar Tone” PT that’s colored to supposedly look like Cedar. When you glance at the tag “Cedar” is the word that pops, even though it’s just Pine.

It wouldn't surprise my if they tried that same trick with “Redwood”.
It wouldn't surprise my if they tried that same trick with “Redwood”.
I was thinking the same thing. It was not particularly good looking lumber. It had crossed my mind that it could be pine or other cheaper lumber that had been "pressure treated" with red pigment.
Such a product would be a criminal waste of redwood. Totally unnecessary. I grew up a bit north of where juryduty lives, and everybody's fences were built of redwood. We coated the bottom portion of the posts with creosote, but even that was likely unnecessary. My parents' fence lasted more than 40 years.
The thing you have to remember about redwood or cedar is that only the heart wood is resistant to rot,the sapwood which is plentiful will rot like any other species of wood,so be careful what you buy,and you will pay a premium for heart wood of either species.
I have never heard of PT redwood. First, if it is quality (meaning heart) it does not need to be treated to resist decay, and secondly the structure of the pores in redwood is such that it does not accept treatment well.

Sounds like another marketing name gimmick. Like "phillipine mahogany', which is a species called meranti, and has no relationship to mahogany at all. Heed the previous poster"s advice about material containing a lot of sapwood, it will rot faster than a piece of raw pine.
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