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“New wood, once dry, should not be allowed to weather. Short-term (4 weeks) weathering prior to application of this product can decrease its service life.” From:

New wood should be coated as soon as possible to prevent damage
from water absorption and UV. Wash with WEATHER PRO Wood
Cleaner & Brightener to remove slickness (mill glaze) or waxes often
found on new wood. New non-CCA pressure treated lumber should
be treated the same as other new wood even though it may be very
wet. Traditionally such surfaces would be allowed to dry completely
before coating. Because of the wetness, the first application of stain
on pressure treated wood may last only a few months but the option
is to risk severe cracking and splitting as the wood dries if left
unsealed.” From:

“New pressure-treated lumber requires a six-week drying period prior to application. Water-repellent treated lumber requires one year of weathering prior to application.” From:

Used a water-proof treatment: “Convenience

  • One Day Project - Applies to Both Damp or Dry Wood in just one coat.
  • Waterbased: Easy, Soap & Water Clean Up.
  • Low VOC: Low Odor.
New Pressure Treated Wood Application: No waiting while wood can be damaged.” From:

Check the can directions.


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how long to you have to wait before you can paint pressure treated lumber?
Talk to the paint manufacturer about the moisture level they require for the covering to adhere and monitor the wood until it surpasses that level.
Times will vary by region, Sun exposure and initial moisture content.

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how long to you have to wait before you can paint pressure treated lumber?
At least a a full weather season or a year from my experience. Some products claim to you can use them immediately. Skeptic and cynic by nature I guess, I would wait thing out before you spend money, on hopefully, paint store and not box store products.

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It may be kiln dry. Either way it should be stained, sealed as soon as its ready to accept stain. Splash some water on it and wait 15 mins. If the water has absorbed into the wood then its ready to accept stain. It is a fact that the longer you wait you are actually doing more damage its exposed to UV and the elements promoting mold, mildew, drying, shrinking,premature wood degradation and graying, shrinking and swelling will cause the wood to split and warp. Even though it is new wood you still need to clean it properly first. I like using Wolman Deck Brite. Cleaning new wood first removes invisible traces of wax, film, mill glazing, mold, mildew and dirt. You will also be opening up the woods pors allowing moisture to escape. Check the wood with a moisture meter too, according to the manufacture specs of the product you are using.
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