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Pressure switch issue? or something else...

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We recently had a plumber out to check why our well pump would short cycle and would run even though there was no water use. We have a 1/3 hp 115v 2-wire submersible pump (according to the control box) with a 110ft well. We have no other information for the pump without pulling it. The house was built in 1966 and everything is original, never been replaced.

The plumber said it was the control box (capacitor and relay were bad), pressure tank (waterlogged), and pressure switch (not really sure), among other pieces/parts. I thought everything was fine until the pump would trip the circuit breaker (15A) when there was a large demand for it to run (laundry, shower, etc.) Every other demand was fine. The new tank is a Well-X-Trol 202-XL with a precharge of 38 psig. The control box is a Franklin 115v 1/2hp #2801044915 and the pressure switch is a Square D 9013 FSG-2, 40 on/60 off

They told us the pump itself is bad and "pushed" (to say it mildly) to come out and replace it for their "special" price. I have heard after he came out about some issues with other customers in the past.

It seemed a bit fishy the way they were doing things, so I decided to do some research myself and found that the pressure switch he installed was different (originally a 30/50 of the same type) and the settings were way off. He had it set 22 on (if the breaker doesn't trip), 40 off with this switch. The control box originally was a Franklin 1/3hp 115v 8.9A #2801020103. The original tank was unknown, it was corroded beyond recognition.

Would any of these issues cause a breaker to trip? I didn't have access to an amp meter, but I was planning to pull the pump and replace it myself this weekend if it is needed, but wanted to cover all other possibilities before I go for it.

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43 years of service from the pump is pretty amazing. Probably about time.

If you have issues with the plumber being a well man then change to another plumber.

If you have have replace tank, pressure switch and controls the there are only two other possibilities the pump and wiring to the pump

Had a simular issue with my pump where the staging in the pump went out and the pump ran 24/7 for a couple of weeks never tripped the breaker and neither should yours with constant running. My well is 270 ft
No I don't see any problems.

Going from a 30/50 to a 40/60 pressure switch is not that big deal and the pressure tank set at 38 is fine.
If you replaced the pressure switch to a 30/50 then you need to disconnect power to the well and open a faucet to relieve the water pressure to 0.

Then you need to release the pressure in the pressure tank to 28. As you stated in the OP the pressure was set to 38. 2 psi below 40 of the kick in pressure. So the 28 psi will be 2 psi below the 30 of the kick in for the new pressure switch.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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