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pressure switch adjustment for well pump

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Are there some guidelines for setting the maximum and minimum pressure points on the switch that controls when the pump kicks off and on? I have been experimenting. When the range is too great, taking a shower means waiting through a trickle of water for the next gusher -or- repeatedly re-adjusting the faucets to accommodate changes in pressure.

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The pump cut-on/cut-off pressure should be set at 20 pounds psi difference. Usually, a 1/2-hp pump is set at 20-40 psi and a 3/4-hp pump is set at 40-60 psi.
The pressure tank should be set two psi below the pump cut-on pressure.
With the water pressure drained down and the pump off, check the air pressure in the tank with a tire gauge. If it is too high, drain it off just like deflating a tire. If it is too low, air the pressure tank up with a bicycle pump or portable air tank or compressor. If water shoots out of the air valve when testing, the air bladder is shot, so replace the pressure tank.
Some pressure swtiches have two pressure adjustments...a taller threaded one and a shorter threaded one with a nut (one for cut-on, one for cut-off)...or a single one which is factory set 20 psi apart. Raising or lowering the nut(s) with a nut driver or small open end wrench will raise or lower the pressure. Typically, lowering or tightening the nut down will increase the pressure.
If you're adjusting the pressure with the power on, be very careful not to touch the open hot wires. When adjusting a pressure swtich, the pump will kick on and you WILL jump. LOL (I can't help it either.)
Good Luck!
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