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Thanks for the help with the bathroom remodel much help has been generously given to me for the tiling of the floor. - I am grateful for that

I now find myself in need of some help for the shower area.
Back ground took out the tub - going with pre slope/40 mil liner/ top slope into Oatey 3 piece drain. I will use Durock for the wall taped with cement board spec ed fiber tape/floated seams and topic (Redgaurd) waterproofer.

1) Preslope :
a) installed drain onto subfloor per Oatey video/specs - screwed to the subfloor after insertion into 4 1/2" hole. (in hindsight I wish I would have left it a bit higher). It is "offset" i.e.~ 1' from one end ~4 from other end
b) Tar paper subfloor
c) wire lath over tar paper
d) deck Mud pounded into the shape of 1/4 drop per foot

I am at a bare minimum to maybe slight off (not enough) of 1/4 foot drop - I want to build up the edges at least 1/8 maybe 1/4 to be safe (sure).

Question #1 -Can I do that with more deck mud - or should I use thinset and feather toward the drain?

Question #2 Regarding where to put the durock:
a) I have read to in-bed into top deck mud 1/2" off of the liner. ( holds durock tight to wall)
b) I have also read to put it 1/4 inch above the top deck mud+ tile thickness and silicone the gap.

Which is best for topical waterproof ( i.e. not plastic behind the durock)

If in bedded what stops wicking? asumming the gap get filled by top layer of deck mud...
If placed above with silcone gap - how does water get out of durock into the floor?

Thanks in advance - I hope I am not overthinking. I hope I did not confuse the issue with too many details.
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