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The caulking at the based of our shower stall (mostly tile meeting fiberglass?, but also some metal frame meeting fiberglass) is looking pretty funky/moldy. It's a clear caulk, I think possibly pure silicone.

1. What's the best way to remove the old caulk? Is it different if it's pure silicone vs a silicone/latex hybrid? How can I determine which I have?

2. After the caulk is thoroughly removed, what should I do to prep the area before putting down new caulk? I especially want to prevent the same mold from coming back quickly. Was thinking I'd try and remove the old caulk and apply some bleach before we leave town for Thanksgiving so that the area could dryout thoroughly before I re-caulked the following weekend.

3. How long after I re-caulk should we stay out of that shower?

4. Any recommendations on what caulk to use? I'm fine with clear or white or tan. Something like this perhaps?

Thanks for the help! :thumbsup:
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