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I just bought a house with asbestos-asphalt siding and am hoping to repaint it myself. Some of the paint is chipping, and the rest will need cleaning.
1. What is the best way to safely remove old paint? If I do scrape it off, do I need to do a wet sanding after? What materials do I use?
2. Can I remove sections at a time over the next few months and leave it exposed to the weather before painting? Will it damage the siding if I leave it exposed unpainted?

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This is how I've done it over the years and I won't vouch for this being an EPA acceptable process.

Invest in a quality respirator or dust mask rated for blocking out asbestos fibers. Wear clothes that you may want to throw away when you're done scraping. Long sleeves, long pants, keep your skin covered.

I usually spray water on the siding to at least keep some of the fibers from blowing all over the place. I scrape with a carbide scraper which is very sharp. Paint usually comes off in sheets on asbestos because of its' fibered nature. As you expose the asbestos underneath the paint, keep wetting it so fibers don't become airborne. Keep thick mil plastic or tarps down on the ground to collect the paint scraped off. This will need disposed of.

I'm not sure that I would leave it unprotected for too long. You don't want the asbestos breaking down without some sort of coating on it. Those fibers will find their way into your home through windows, doors, screens, landing on the ground, etc.

On the positive side, asbestos paints up real nice and the paint generally holds on for 8-10 years before you have to repaint. Just be sure to buy a quality latex primer and apply 2 coats of your favorite latex paint. I like Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint. Others on here prefer Benjamin Moore paints.
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