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Preparing concrete block for stone veneer

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As I started to strip paint with my pressure washer the other day. I noticed that under the paint, I seem to have two skim coat layers on the block; at least the white stuff in the picture feels abrasive like mortar and it crumbles like a masonry product. Is stripping the paint alone sufficient to achieve an acceptable bond? Should I try to strip away the white stuff before I apply the cultured stone veneer? Should I try to strip away both layers of mortar to expose the concrete block?


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Not sure how long Surface Bonding Cement has been around but I think this is something people are going to have to start thinking about before stripping mortar and other finishes from block.

I guess a mortar joint between each block would be the quickest way to tell if you are dealing with a traditionally built wall or these new Quikwall drystack versions.

If it is SBC (unlikely but becoming more common) you definitely don't want to remove it, as it is structurally significant.
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