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Hi all,
My cedar deck is about a year old and 600 sqft. The spindles I used were "Deckoators" classic black. They're powder coated aluminum. Last year i put on Flood CWF-UV. I know, big mistake. I decided to strip it about a month ago. About an hour into the job I noticed something terrible. The stripper was eating the finish off my spindles. :furious: Not wanting to risk the rest of the spindles I got desperate. I sanded the entire deck using a floor sander with 60 grit paper. Palm sander on the railings and a detail sander for the nooks and cranies. Whole deck is back to bare wood. I have 7 gallons of the Readyseal natural cedar ready to go.
My questions are these:
1: Do I need to wait a few weeks to let the pores open back up before I seal?
2: Do I need to worry about the areas I couldn't sand, like in the gaps between the deck boards?
3: Is there a stripper that is safer to use on the coated spindles? I used Floods stripper thinking it would work best at removing it's own product.
4:Is there any other prep work thats needs to be done before I seal using the Readyseal?

Thanks for any advise anyone might have

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Put up a pic of the deck you are speaking of, so I can a better look at the damage done. I will be able to help you muddle through to correct the mistakes.

I always use a pump sprayer or my zero orfice tip to pre-wet any landscaping, siding and rails that are prefinished. Try that next time. The 60 grit orbital sander was a great nono. You may have swirls on all your deck now.

If I have to sand the fuzzies off a deck a homeowner put a high spi to I always use the higher grits first then dial it closer to what I need. You started at ground zero it seems.

I can help more with pics. I do not want to give out some wild advice...
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