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Prep after removing crown molding

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My place has crown molding in every room so I removed it and want to paint the walls and ceilings. It looks like the walls have been painted a few times without removing the molding so there is now a line of paint where the bottom edge of the molding rested. There’s a pretty noticeable lip, probably almost as thick as a dime. I’m guessing from the numerous color changes over the years. How would you smooth that and prep it for paint so that it doesn’t affect the new paint?

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I'd scrape what I could, skim over it with joint compound, sand and then texture it to match the wall. I couldn't tell from the pic - is the ceiling texture ok?
Textured ceilings are popular most everywhere. The texture helps to lessen the view of any discrepancies in the ceiling. I like knockdown but detest popcorn - probably because of all the ceilings I've painted over the yrs.
The texture above the caulk/paint line will be gone once you skim with j/c.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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