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I'm thinking ahead, I've been out of action here for a bit as plans have changed. Next year we're going to tear down most of the house and have a new house built with a basement, I'm planning to do the wiring myself.

I'm thinking to make it the most efficient, I'm going with 2x6 walls with the spray foam insulation.

For the wiring in the exterior walls where the insulation will be blown, I'm thinking rather than NM cable I'd like to put in sch 40 PVC conduit and pull THHN wire so it can be serviceable if needed in the future.

So, I guess the question is if I'm thinking along the best lines of trying to achieve what I'm trying to do or if there's a better way?

I'm assuming I don't need EMT, and EMT is more expensive. I don't know where flexible metal conduit falls cost-wise or if it's appropriate? Would the flexible plastic be an option?

I guess maybe a better question is what is normally done for wiring in new construction when an exterior wall is getting spray foam?

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Use ENT (Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing) or what we call Smurf pipe.

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