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Pre-built Shed Foundation

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I am in the process of buying a 10x14' pre-built shed. The shed comes on skids and the company will deliver for free. I am about 20 inches out of level from one side to the other where the shed will go. The salesman is recommending that I set 6x6s in the ground and build 2 parallel beams for the shed to sit on top of. Easy to level and easy for the driver to set he shed down on but how would I anchor the shed to the ground then? Any other options for me to get a level site? Thanks
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No location in your profile so no idea why it needs to anchored.
We have no pictures of the site, so it's hard to say how it should be done.
Unless you have a flat level place to set this shed it's always going to be an issue.
There are mobile home tie downs, that I have used to anchor outbuilding sheds to the ground.

They are an auger on a rod with a hook on the upper end, that are screwed into the earth, then galvanized straps are ran over the tops of the skids, and through the hooks, and a bolt is turned tightening the strap.

holding down the shed.

Could also build block piers on the low side to put the shed onto, then tie it down.


I would put down some block piers if it where me instead of laying PT on the ground. Be sure to anchor it as well. You will be surprised how little wind it takes to move something around.
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Thanks. The company will level the site up to 3 feet with blocks and PT shims for free so I guess I will just let them do it that way. Just wasn't sure how stable the blocks would be i guess
I have several on block piers, They have been there since 1982, and have not settled, nor shifted. I did anchor them with those mobile home tie downs though, due to occasional 50+ mile an hour winds here.

I had yards of sandy gravel brought in, it compacted, and the shed sits on it. Some settling has occurred. I have PVC pipe with electricals coming into the side of it and that tube coming up out of the ground was once straight but is now a little bent after 5 years. I should've used one of those adjustable height ones.
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