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Powerwashing asbestos siding

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Hi all, I plan on painting my house which has asbestos siding. I'm going to wet and wash it as best as I can without disturbing it too much. My only problem lies on one side of the house which doesn't get much sun and has lots of mildew on it. I've tried scrubbing and a hose, but powewashing seems to be the only way to get rid of the mold, moss, green, etc. If I wear a quality mask will it be ok?? It will be constantly wet. Just curious.
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Mastic siding should be non-friable meaning that even if its broken it won't become airborne in large quantities as it is bonded with heavier minerals. If you were removing it wetting would be the right thing to do so you should be fine power washing it. If its crumbling already however I wouldn't power wash it.
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