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power vents

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About 7 years ago I had a new roof installed. At that time the roofer advised me to remove my 2 power vents. I should have listened so the power vents remain in place and not working. I have issues with the motors burning out and they not worth fixing. I understand that if they provide any benefits is debatable.

I have a ridge vent with soffit vents. I also have two screen vent in the dormers.

I am looking for opinions on what to do the power vents

This what I have so far

1) leave them in place and disconnect the power

2) take them out and replace with roofing ( nor sure if that is doable)

3) remove and replace with some passive vent.

The roofer who did the original work is no longer in business

I like more knowledge before I contact another roofer in town


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If you're ok with how it is now, fan can be removed, electric capped in a box with blank cover (don't bury in the wall or rafter bays). Sheathing replaced with nailer cleats (landing on solid frame not necessary for the size) and shingles pieced in. If diy, just the cost of some small materials. If pay labor, maybe not worth the trouble.
Search the forum about having both passive venting (soffit to ridge) and other vents. They are fine together. Don't know if poster names can be searched but BUD9051 (not capitals) just posted such a topic.

Any opening is potential leak so that is probably why your roofer said to remove it.
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