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power vents

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About 7 years ago I had a new roof installed. At that time the roofer advised me to remove my 2 power vents. I should have listened so the power vents remain in place and not working. I have issues with the motors burning out and they not worth fixing. I understand that if they provide any benefits is debatable.

I have a ridge vent with soffit vents. I also have two screen vent in the dormers.

I am looking for opinions on what to do the power vents

This what I have so far

1) leave them in place and disconnect the power

2) take them out and replace with roofing ( nor sure if that is doable)

3) remove and replace with some passive vent.

The roofer who did the original work is no longer in business

I like more knowledge before I contact another roofer in town


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thanks We are probably going to sell the over the next 18 months so I like to fix any issues that could up under my terms . Having non working fans could be an issue
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