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Power to outlet and lights

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Hi, I've been installing a new plug outlet and ceiling fan in the bathroom. I have it set so the power has been spllit at the box coming in - 1 wire runs into a 2 way switch which in turn runs to the light above the vanity and the other switch to the ceiling fan. The other line where I splitt at the box coming in runs to a new outlet. I am getting power to all 3 sources when i use a tester (makeshift lightbulb with wires) and the switch is working fine in terms of cutting/supplying the power, however when i wire up the fan, or the vanity light or plug anything into the outlet they don't work. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Reset the GFCI?
Is it tripping the gfci or circuit breaker ?
If the test lamp indicates power there,
then it can only be incorrect wiring !
Can you post a diagram of your wiring ?
And the color of the wires.
what color are the wires and where are they connected. are you running this off of one 2 wire with ground or a 3 wire with ground?

as dmxtothemax said a diagram would be helpful or a few pictures even
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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