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I'm looking to run power to a new (non-attached) pole barn from my house's existing 200amp Square D breaker box. My thoughts and advice I've received are below. I would appreciate constructive feedback, tips or advice.

Building is approximately 70' from house.
Building breaker box would need to be mounted just inside the closest corner of the structure. I ran a 1-1/4 PVC conduit under the corner of the building and up the inside of wall to mounting location of a new breaker box before the concrete floor was poured, it is temporarly capped underground.
I also have approx 15' run inside the wall of the house to the existing 200 amp breaker.

My plan:
  1. Install a new 60 amp breaker within the existing house breaker box.
  2. Run PVC conduit from the breaker box, through 15' of basement, out the wall, down foundation and bury 20-24 inches deep to barn.
  3. Will connect to PVC I've buried before pouring building floor.
  4. I've been suggested to use 4 conductor URD #2 "Quadplex" wire. (I've been told this is a less expensive alternative to #6 THHN.) True ????
  5. Inside new building. install a small breaker box with 6 breaker locations.
  6. Run various breakered circuits to power outlets (GFI them), overhead lights, GDO, etc.
Thoughts and advice ????
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