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I'm looking to run power to a new (non-attached) pole barn from my house's existing 200amp Square D breaker box. My thoughts and advice I've received are below. I would appreciate constructive feedback, tips or advice.

Building is approximately 70' from house.
Building breaker box would need to be mounted just inside the closest corner of the structure. I ran a 1-1/4 PVC conduit under the corner of the building and up the inside of wall to mounting location of a new breaker box before the concrete floor was poured, it is temporarly capped underground.
I also have approx 15' run inside the wall of the house to the existing 200 amp breaker.

My plan:
  1. Install a new 60 amp breaker within the existing house breaker box.
  2. Run PVC conduit from the breaker box, through 15' of basement, out the wall, down foundation and bury 20-24 inches deep to barn.
  3. Will connect to PVC I've buried before pouring building floor.
  4. I've been suggested to use 4 conductor URD #2 "Quadplex" wire. (I've been told this is a less expensive alternative to #6 THHN.) True ????
  5. Inside new building. install a small breaker box with 6 breaker locations.
  6. Run various breakered circuits to power outlets (GFI them), overhead lights, GDO, etc.
Thoughts and advice ????
the URD is definately cheaper but as the other poster stated it's got to be spliced before going into the barn and will have to be spliced with the lines comming out of the house. The barn will need to have it's own grounding rod and the panel can't be installed as a normal panel would....meaning the ground and the neutral aren't bonded together in the panel. If you plan on running seperate conductors the whole way then the pvc idea works fine. I'm not sure as to wether or not it's even legal to have a quadplex inside a conduit....others can better answer that. Why not just run a NMWU cable out. I believe it would have to be sleeved and sealed where it goes out of the house as well as mechanically protected at the depth if it crosses any high traffic areas but it's probably cheaper to just use that. #6 should work just fine as it's under 100' away. Check with your local code to make sure. One of the fine folks from the U.S is more suited to answer those questions than i am :)
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