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So.... no permit?


Pretty much in the neck of woods if the county don't have much reguations almost anything can happend even I have see it in Wisconsin but we allready tighten up a bit few years back but In France they are much more stricter.

To OP.,

The URD is cheaper however you can NOT run them inside the building due they are not flame retarneted { flame restenace } the other quirk with URD is if you nick them they will corroded pretty fast depending on which conductors it will happend and I have got few service call like that so it easier to just run new conduit with THHN/THWN conductors that useally take care the issue

Now for SqD box which verison you have in the load centre you have QO or HOM series and they are pretty easy to find the breaker for it for QO series it will be QO260 or HOM260

The other thing is that with subpanels you must keep the netural and ground seperated this is basied on 2008 NEC code and yeah Ohio is on 2008 code cycle.

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