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Power out/circuit breaker good

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I have an issue where I turned on my tv and it started for about three seconds and the power went out on the entire circuit. I checked the circuit breaker, it wasn't tripped. I then made sure the circuit breaker was good and it is.

Could the problem be a faulty outlet, it's only about 4 years old.
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Make sure you flipped the circuit breaker completely off then back on again. Depending how old your house is you may have ARCI breaker or outlet. If this is the case it is either faulty or your T.V. is faulty. You should check all your outlets and switches yearly and replace as needed. There are any number of books available at home centers that can teach what to look for. If you can, check to see what all is on the circuit as well. It is very rare that one room is wired to one circuit. Houses are wired based on the principle that not all outlets and lighting will have demand at the same time. The outlet maybe on a branch circuit that is supplying power to other devices causing the demand to exceed the rating of the breaker and or wiring. In rare cases there is damage to wires in the wall and when they heat up the wires seperate in the sheathing. At any rate if upon doing a basic home inspection of the outlet and related outlets you dont find anything it is time to call in the electrician. I don't recommend homeowners working in panel boxes as most do not fully comprehend the dangers involved or the math in figuring out load capacities. Also there are many code requirements involved in the various aspects of working with electricity that are best left to electricians to decipher.
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How did you confirm the circuit breaker was good? Do you have power on the wire attached to the breaker? If so, and it isnt a mystery GFI somewhere on the circuit, it is more than likey a bad device or splice. Try to find the last device on the circuit that works and work from that point on. Check if the device is "quick wired" (wires pushed in the back of the device), they are known to fail or be loose.....don't forget to turn the breaker off when you have your fingers in the box.
I turned on my tv and it started for about three seconds and the power went out on the entire circuit.
the circuit breaker, it wasn't tripped.
Could the problem be a faulty outlet
3 seconds trip time means 10 mA of leakage current with an upstream GFCI, and it also means that both the hot and neutral of the outlet have been disconnected by the GFCI. You might check for this.

Otherwise, if only the hot or the neutral lead connection has opened, guess at what outlet precedes what other outlet as you work your way back to the CB, checking for dead outlets.
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