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Hello everyone. New member / long-time guest of the site. Glad to finally be a part!

I would like to construct built-in seating under a new shade structure in my backyard. The seating will be situated adjacent to existing block walls and on an existing concrete slab (see attached)

As shown in the images, the seating area will be covered by a louvered pergola, which is pretty water-tight when closed. Nonetheless, some wind-driven rain will certainly fall on the horizontal surfaces around the perimeter

My question is this: Would you recommend constructing this with poured concrete or with galvanized steel studs, cement board and smooth stucco? I know outdoor kitchens are often constructed with studs and stucco, but the horizontal surfaces are typically covered with a countertop rather than stucco. I believe it will be a lot easier to frame this with studs rather than create the formwork for the concrete, but I’m unsure of the durability of stucco in this application.

Thanks in advance for any insight you might have.

FYI-I live in Southern California
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