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potential stucco issue

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Happy new year and thank you to this forum.

Attached are a handful of pictures that may be evidence of of an issue. I live in Ohio.

The stucco system is 3 coat with a wire mesh behind.

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Ok....I give up. What is the issue?
I am hoping there is not an issue... i am getting a lot of cracks and bulging. I am thinking that if moisture ia able to penatrate the system and crackes and in long term is bad.
yes it would be
I'd have a local contractor check out your concerns. The roof drip edge looks very far out over the gutter, maybe just new gutters are needed or the O.H. cut shorter. The downspouts may be too small for the length of gutter and volume, may not be a drip-edge under the window sill trim board, hence the water lines under them (should not be any wet spots showing when everywhere else is dried out)... He will check the horizontal trim board head flashing to the stucco. Also head flashing over window trim boards appear wet, shouldn't be if flashed properly. Pull a shutter off and examine attachment method, should be water tight. If you have bulges, it may already be too late in those areas. Bulges; small crack; more cracks; sections fall off, sounds like hard-coat stucco- some reading for you;


The gutters are too close to the wall and filled with snow wicking to wall or there is no "kick-out" flashing on the roof.

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Thank you for the recommendations and insight. Ive been digested the information and am of firm believe i have a rather large problem on my hands. Ill report back as i progess.

Thanks again

any updates on this stucco issue?

Any updates on this? I think I have the same issue and also live in Ohio(Powell, OH). I do not notice any bulging but have wet areas around a few windows with small cracks. I notice where water can get in around the window. Wondering if I need to wait until it warms up and then seal with something. Any thoughts on what caulk to use around the windows and then what to use for the hairline cracks? We just purchased ther house last year so I have no history to go on.



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A painter advised they could caulk and paint and the problem would be solved.. however i firmly believe the root cause is yet to be uncovered.
You guys have a couple issues. First of all, your windows and window trim are out PAST the stucco. Its creating a natural edge for water to funnel back in behind the stucco, in around the windows. You also have a flat sill surface at the bottom of each window trim that allowing water to sit on, or run back into the jamb area.
If you can see water on the outside (which I can) you can bet you have water inside the wall.

Secondly, I do not see any kickouts at your roof/wall intersections. Water is funneling in there, down behind the stucco.

I have installed stucco for 30 years, and I'm also a licensed engineer and licensed stucco inspector here in SC.

Caulking is not going to solve your issue.
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