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Potable water service run

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I have a cabin that sits 900 feet from the road where "County Water" runs. The water pressure is questionable per some I have talked to that live along the road. The county will install a 3/4 inch water meter. My plan is to run 1 1/2 HDPE. I am hoping by running 1 1/2 pipe it will serve as a reservoir to keep pressure up to an acceptable level. The pipe the orange bigbox supplier has is CTS (Copper Tube Size) in 500 foot rolls of which I will order 2 rolls, but it appears they don't sell the fittings, if I even knew what type fittings to use. I have read talk of brass fittings that need sealed / protected with silicone tape(?), or push-in fittings and stainless clamps, so I am confused.That is why I am here, hoping someone can recommend a source and guidance for fittings. I did not ask the county what would be the end fitting they would provide but I expect 3/4 Male pipe. The house is on a 36 inch cement block crawl with the poured footer about 6 inches underground. My intention is to dig down to the bottom of the first block just above the poured footer and drill through to allow a 3 inch PVC sleeve. This is North Carolina so IPC is the code.

So if anybody has a source for fittings to connect this CTS HDPE piping, and / or helpful hints for doing the job, please advise. Thanks in advance for any help.
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If your code allows, you can use poly, brass or galv. barbed fittings with hose clamps.
Or you can go with Pack joint fittings made by mcDonald or Ford
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