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Potable water service run

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I have a cabin that sits 900 feet from the road where "County Water" runs. The water pressure is questionable per some I have talked to that live along the road. The county will install a 3/4 inch water meter. My plan is to run 1 1/2 HDPE. I am hoping by running 1 1/2 pipe it will serve as a reservoir to keep pressure up to an acceptable level. The pipe the orange bigbox supplier has is CTS (Copper Tube Size) in 500 foot rolls of which I will order 2 rolls, but it appears they don't sell the fittings, if I even knew what type fittings to use. I have read talk of brass fittings that need sealed / protected with silicone tape(?), or push-in fittings and stainless clamps, so I am confused.That is why I am here, hoping someone can recommend a source and guidance for fittings. I did not ask the county what would be the end fitting they would provide but I expect 3/4 Male pipe. The house is on a 36 inch cement block crawl with the poured footer about 6 inches underground. My intention is to dig down to the bottom of the first block just above the poured footer and drill through to allow a 3 inch PVC sleeve. This is North Carolina so IPC is the code.

So if anybody has a source for fittings to connect this CTS HDPE piping, and / or helpful hints for doing the job, please advise. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Do you know the elevation of the water tower and the elevation of your cabin?

There are several places to buy 1" pipe and fittings, Lowe's, Grainger etc. but you may need to go to an industrial business for the larger fittings.

Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I got off on another project. I'm not sure how high the tower is but I'm sure it is at least 200 feet high. I am 1 1/2 mile from the tower and my elevation is 30 feet higher than the elevation upon which the tower sits. Are the compression fitting you reference suitable for direct burial or do they require sealing or protecting with silicon sealing wrap? thanks for your reply.
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