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We moved into a new place, and the basement was finished. It looked really nice with lots of pot lights, but soon, they started burning out faster than I could replace them. They are the halogen ones, and should last longer than a couple weeks I would think. I checked the board and whoever had finished the basement hadn''t added any new breakers, they just doubled up the line going into a couple of the circuits. I added 4 new breakers, and got it wired up properly and thought this would solve the problem, but the bulbs still burn out regularly. Another funny thing that's going on is sometimes one that's been burned out for weeks will come back on if somebody jumps hard on the floor above it. So maybe a loose wire, but I wouldn't think they'd be loose in over 20 pots. What's going on here? I know I may need to call an electrician, but I can do most wiring work, and if there's an easy fix, I'm all ears to hear it.

What kind of bulb is it? What brand and model of light fixture do you have?Usually vibration and excessive heat cause premature bulb failure. If the bulb sockets are pitted, the bulb contacts will arc and cause the element to burn out prematurely.

I have seen problems with MR16 bulbs and loose sockets.
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