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I am building a covered patio 12 x18

I figured the weight of the hole thing being 3111 lbs so I assume each corner would need to hold 777lbs

So my 2 questions are 6x6 post in the front large enough

and next will the house be able to support that end with out issues


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How did you come up with such a precise figure for the weight of the roof? Usually roof load is computed as a combination of dead load (weight of material), plus live load. Live load includes wind load and snow load (if applicable). Seismic load is used to decide on the type of fasteners to connect the pieces together.

In your case, the roof has a projected area of 216 square feet, and you assigned a load of 3111 lbs, which is about 14 psf projected. This is too low for snow country, but you did not indicate where you are, so hard to say what an appropriate load would be.
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