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Post Lamps - Holiday lights and GFI?

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Hello all,

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving?

So last year, I replaced my lamp posts that were wood and rotted to the core after we purchased the house. I got the idea from my brother for a 4 ft sonatube cut it half, filled with concrete, leveled it off and used a 3" PVC in the center. The 3" lamp posts sold at big box stores slide right in and out. Just made a hole and put a 1" PVC through to stop the lamp from sliding into the ground. Used a hand hole J-Box and spliced off that with silicone/waterproof wirenuts and taped around those. 15A circuit. However, this circuit controls several of my outside lights, porch, driveway, spot lights and 2 post lamps.

I wired the receptacles that came with them. I paid like $30 per post with the outlet. My question, if we use the outlets for a 1-2 amp two prong Christmas garland lights, is this okay or should the circuit be GFI protected? I know the outlet meets UL specs when closed I imagine but don't want anyone to get electrocuted. Naturally, the outlet only works when the post light's are turned on. Any thoughts on this?

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Any outside receptacle, with few exceptions, require gfci protection, and these do.
As long as you are in the states.
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