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Post a Picture of Your Current Project!

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We have a thread for contractors on the main forum, for current started as a "take a picture Friday of what we are working on" idea, and has grown into a pretty big deal.

Those of you that are involved in a DIY endeavor, please, take a moment to shoot a few pictures and post them with a description of what you are doing. You might be surprised at the feedback you get, and a picture is worth a 1000 words. :thumbsup:

I am not a DIY'er obviously, but I will start this thread off with a shot of one of my current projects, where I was yesterday.


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Not exactly DIY for us, but here are some Home Improvement projects from this past week.

Project: Deck and balcony frame re-building/improvements with installation of Mahogany deck boards and railings

Replacement of old slider/ repair of rotted areas

Skylight Installation (Flashing is temporary):

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24x36 garage, 24x36 Great room over, 19x24 walkup attic

My ongoing project (actually my whole house) 24x36 garage, 24x36 great room, 19x24 walk up attic
This ties into my ~16x16 sunroom that is open to the kitchen
The whole house renovation project in 4th year of work
Hope to be finishing a lot up by the end of next year

A small 6x12 balcony will go off the triple doors
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Mold found in the wet wall started this unscheduled project. Now we're doing an all-new front bathroom, complete kitchen remodel and re-framing the front of the house, new roofing, complete new plumbing, electrical, and gas lines to top it all off... Basically, after this is done, we'll have an all-new house!!

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Bought this house last year after we looked at it 30 years ago and couldn't afford it then. Took the carpeting off the stairs and am in the process of refinishing them. You can see the sanded risers and the stripped skirt boards. Using my Fein sander to sand the tread area my ROS won't reach under the overhang of each tread above it. That amounts to about and inch and going to use the ROS for the parts it can reach. Decided to completely strip the skirt boards because someone had previously painted over some big clumps of.. well I'm not sure what it was. The treads are flat sawed pine (floors in the house are pine but are edge sawed) and thought about covering them with a thin layer of hardwood like cherry or maple but going to see how the pine turns out after refinishing. Considering using a runner just to keep noise down. No sneaking up these stair once the carpet came off. :no:


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You guys do really nice work, great pictures.

My project, adding a 22x22 addition to my place.

In 2006 started with:

Heres some pics from last Nov, addition on the right :)

back side

Heres how is sits as of a few days ago...

And for every thing in-between

Thread here at the diy forum...

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Here's my current project.

Very small bathroom remodel. I have just enough room for a 5 foot tub, toilet and pedestal sink.


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Replacement porch roof

Was an aluminum canopy that failed to support the snow load.
I built it by myself and amazed my kids, as I've been drawing my government pension for over ten years! :yes:


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Latest Job

That last one is the 3D view I did for the project manager. It turned out just like the specs called out, using Chief Architect

more on my website:



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Here is my pictures of my project.

I got tired of my kids going to everybodys house to swim, then con us into a sleep over. So I put all of this in the backyard to keep them home and to keep an eye on them better. I contracted my own pool guy, got my own electrician, did my own plumbing with a friend. Contracted my own concrete guy. Did all of the landscaping brick work, and the stone work myself thur the winter. Built a 20X16 outdoorkitchen/bathhouse/pavillon,with my dad, (thanks Dad) got my family envloved picking up stones and dealing with me thur the winter. So far its paid off my kids are home and I'm still married to the same women!
Plus less grass to mow now.


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Congrats weberus3! It looks beautiful!!
Ground level deck project

Before I started...Before I actually moved in.

Framed and attached the joists over the concrete slab

Reinforced all the joists, sunk my 4x4's and concreted them in for support.

Here I was laying the deckboards...

All done, with the exception of one board. I was a bit off, but with everything done after another full day of work, my wife was so nice and bought a furniture set that HAD to be assembled. My work never stops!!!

Tell me what you think.
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Small Kitchen Remodel

wow, you guys have some big projects and are doing really nice work. My latest project is for my old house that I am fixing up while the market is bad. This kitchen started as a disaster - acoustic tile cieling with plaster/wood lathe.

When i took the ceiling down there was an inch or two of Coal dust up there! I also refinished the 1920's sink. The job is not quite done yet (I still have the floor to put in) but it is close.

The ceiling I put in uses beaded 3/4 inch plywood in 4x4 sections with routed 1x3's and rosettes. It turned out way better than I expected.


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Here's a few pics from a little project I have going....will likely never end. approx 2400 sq ft house, that was built around a trailer....complete with 6-8 ceilings at the exterior walls and a "fire-trap" electrical system. Scope: Added beams to support the raised ceilings. Poured footings to support the newly distributed loads, reframe every wall in the house due to a "hinge" condition at the old ceiling height. Reframed / added peak over front entry. All new interior surfaces Hired out: approx 75-80% of the framing, 80% of the insulation, HVAC ducting (I know a guy), HVAC installation, gas pipe run, granite counter tops, and stucco. DIY:.....everything else (framing, windows, roofing, electrical, structured wiring, plumbing, drywall, tile, flooring, all finish carpentry, and beer drinking.


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My project is quite small right now. I have a 12 x 32 garage on my property, and it's about to get moved to the back of the property line, so that it can become my project room.

I need the foundation for the garage dug and poured, the garage moved, and to get it organized, for the projects that start this spring.

Eventually it will become my "Home Building Office" (hopefully by next fall)

I do have helpers that are ready to start, but I'm already thinking that maybe I will need 2 - 12 x 32 garages, and should double the footings and slab for a second garage.

We will need to stay there overnight some of the time, so bigger is better, and think of the storage when I'm done!!!

This is my garage, (below) made by an Amish Gent close by, he is going to clean it up, and check the roofing for me. Then we may talk about another one.

The house is going about where the garage is now, and I also just purchased the property next to it. Waited 10 years for that piece of earth!!! Woooo Raaaaa!

Good luck to everyone, so enjoyed your photos and posts.

Sorry for the poor photo.


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Everyone is doing so much! WOW!

I love to see what everyone is doing, but it makes my itty bitty "try's" look so small!

That's OK, you guys encourage me with all of these photos.

Your projects are so huge! What Talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up Pleeeeeease!
A small update..........

Although I have not done anything yet, I HAVE the CASH needed for the foundation, at TWICE THE SIZE (24x32) as before, along with the cash for the additional Electric lines to be extended from the front, to the back of the property.

The extended line for the electric was much cheaper than they told me it would be 2 years ago, and I'm working on the permits for the foundation now.

We are also considering plumbing, but have not decided on that yet.
These will eventually be a "Do Everything" kind of structures, so I would like to know what others think about the plumbing idea?

Future uses:
1. Office for Home building and DIY projects
2. Storage
3. Gardening Area

Is there a serious need for plumbing?
What is your experience with garage/shed/office/gardening area?

Suggestions please


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ICF walls, going to have a monolithic dome roof on the living space and conventional roof on the garage.


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MMMMMMMMMM tell me more about ICF, your building looks fantastic!

I've been fighting with my brain, between a Stick built, and a Block built home forever, but this looks pretty interesting.

What size is it? and what is ICF?

Thank you for posting this one, I like it a lot.
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