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Possible kerdi membrane leak?

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Hey all,

Just finished installing kerdi membrane in my shower. Filled it up for a flood test last night and about 16 hours later it looks like it lost about 1/4" of water.

I feel like this is too much water loss to attribute to evaporation alone, but I was fairly messy when applying the thinset so there is a fair amount ABOVE the membrane, maybe all that thinset was absorbing some of the water?

I looked closely at the floor and didn't see any water, and I have access to the back side of an area of the drywall behind the shower and everywhere I look I see no evidence of water. I am on a basement slab.

There is 2 possible concerning areas where the corner fleece didn't attach correctly at the corner, so I added some kerdifix to those corners, and I only waited like 30 mins before doing the flood test after adding the kerdi fix because I read that it doesn't need to be dry to cure.

Any suggestions? Do I just go with it since the shower will never see this much standing water or water head pressure again, and I didn't see any water evidence anywhere?

I attached a couple pics....


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