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possible gazebo off my existing deck

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I just added some rails and a bench to my existing deck. i is about 3 feet off of the my wife wants to add a short walkway to a gazebo area. we saw a few kits for these but i was wondering if i should just build the gazebo myself using longer 4x4's anchoring them into the concrete. and building the gazebo around them or build a platform and build the kit on top of that platform. my concerns are that my existing deck it 7 years old and has settle but the new construction would still need to settle. would it be wiser to have just the platform settle with the separate structure on top of that or have the whole gazebo settle as one?...another thought that i had was to make the short walkway like a wheel chair ramp down and have the gazebo kit on the ground....any opinions would be greatly appreciated....i want this to look great and last long.


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thanks for the compliment on the railing i liek your idea of the wide ramp that makes total sense. yes i am talking about the 6 sided gazebo. my skill level is pretty good but i am not pro or anything so leaning toward the kit is probably best for me!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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