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Porch renovation including opening it up

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Hi all,
Starting to get ready to renovate an old porch. It was originally open but is currently enclosed with a door and windows.
I plan on reinforcing the front ledger board with an additional 2x6. There are two block columns under the porch at the front corners and I plan on putting in two more where there will be columns. I have 4 structural pvc columns that will support the roof and accept the stair railing. I’ll have them at the corners and front steps. I plan on filling in blocks and attaching a Simpson brackets to front ledger board. The block columns will be directly below the pvc columns.
I will also install joist hangers on floor joists that are all toenailed, mostly because I have them and over built.
Am I missing anything, anything to watch out for?
Columns go on flooring or directly to the block columns?

Thanks in advance.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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