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I have a ground level cement slab porch with a 12" cement wall around the perimeter.

On top of the 12" cement wall is a traditional wood framed wall. Was plastered. The wood wall is 2x4 construction and the cement wall that it sits atop is wider than the wood wall plate. We have been having problems with paint sticking to the cement wall portion. We live in Iowa and the temperature changes are extreme.

Tearing off plaster, going to insulate, and use wallboard. Want to cover the cement portion with wallboard as well but am concerned about what to do. Should we furr out the wood wall and continue it down to the floor? Should Should we insulate the cement with a thin foamboard? Ideas?

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Post a picture inside and out.
No closeups needed.
Looking to see on the outside how it was done mainly.
I suspect water wicking into the wall because of being slab on grade.
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