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Porch Pillars

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I am trying to replace wood that has rotted.
Basically, I want to figure out if the pillars are load bearing.
At first look, it seems like the pillars have to be load bearing as the porch roof juts out from the house.

However, the construction of pillars makes me think they are perhaps not load bearing. Please see photos.

They are essentially a box (front+back+side+side) of thin, non-treated lumber.
I would like to just cut them at the bottom, and replace the rotten wood.

Any thoughts on whether these are load bearing or what to do?
I don't want to make a costly mistake.


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They are load bearing and as built they would carry the load. The more common today would be to install a post or treated 2x? nailed together and wrap them to look like the old.

You do want to hold up that front beam and you would do best by changing it all not just the bottom.
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Thank you! This is really helpful.
A post base like this would allow you to use the same bolt and keep the post up away from the water.

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