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porch outlet covers

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what options do I have to cover the outlets on a screen porch.... the contractor said he had to use ( because of code) those big ugly plastic things. He said once we got the final inspection I can remove them....
just thought there might be something nicer to use. Or I can just go with no cover since I do not think they will get wet
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Go with a standard weatherproof cover.

They will get wet when you wash off the patio.
Yup, you can remove them, but you do need a wet cover of some sort
Just make sure the Inspector doesn't see them removed after inspection
The guy around here checks for them & remembers what he has inspected
He has commented on a few pre-existing things at my house as he has inspected the work I have done
One was an electric permit to reside the house due to the meter
Another was the kitchen - which will be rewired when it is renovated
But I had the meter installed on 3/4" plywood tro avoid any need to move it

Harder to see on a screened porch
They do make recessed outlets with in use covers
They should have been used on the porch
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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