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Porch Ledger Attachment

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Hi Everyone - Long time reader, first time poster.... My wife and I are in the process of building our own home. I just had the gambrel trusses set this past week, and will have them decked by Monday. We are now looking at home to build the porch that spans the length of the house. It will be 60' long, with a 3/12 pitch. I plan on attaching SYP 2x10" to the side of the roof for the top ledger board on which to mount SYP 2x8" rafters. I'm still working on the calculations, but I expect to mount the ledger about 4' up the side of the roof.

Is it OK to mount the ledger board directly through the sheathing into the trusses? I've always been under the impression that trusses should not be altered in any way, and I didn't know if this attachment would qualify as an alteration. If it's OK, what is the recommended process for installing the ledger board?

As mentioned, I will run 2x8" rafters approximately 10' to end with a birdmouth on top of 2 - 2x10s acting as a beam on top of 2x6s. I will also be installing a 2x8" ledger on the top of the wall, at right about the height of the top plate in order to run 2x8s across as a porch ceiling. Connections of the rafters and ceiling joists will end in a hanger on the ledger. Rafters and ceiling joists will be on 16" centers. I will also use straps/hangers where they terminate on the porch beam. The span between posts will be 10'.

Thanks in advance for any guidance anyone can give!
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When attaching a ledger to trusses I have always installed blocking between the trusses and then thru bolted my ledger.

I have found that a quick method to accomplish this is to install the blocking using screws and Simpson framing clips. Goes quick.

There are variations of this for heavy snow load construction.
Thanks, Griz. I did a quick search, and I'm assuming you're referring to the Simpson "Z" clips. As you mentioned, that looks like a quick way to add the blocking. I appreciate the suggestion.
No not Z clips.

Use L series, L50 etc.....

Very quick install.

Install clips on blocking on ground take into attic & install.
Got it! Thanks again, Griz!
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