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Tired, Cold, and Damp
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No matter how you slice's messy

Basically, wet and scrape
If it's not been painted much, it'll fall off in blobs
If it has been painted a lot, it'll take more wetness and scraping
Either's messy
What you'll have left will need sanding
And most likely much joint compound to repair it, as you may have damaged some during removal, and popcorn was almost never applied over a perfect surface anyway (it was used mainly to hide imperfections and mostly to reduce the effort of actually needing to have a good drywall job, at least compared to smooth walls, anyway)

Usually it is well worth the effort, which is just that...effort
And a willingness to get messy
No super special skills are needed
Just a willingness to wet, scrape, and sand (and get messy), and then some patching/smoothing (and sanding) with joint compound

Some of these types of project require more of all mentioned than others
It is impossible to say from here, or even until one gets into it, which yours is

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In my hallway I dry-scraped the ceiling
It still had a light texture to it as this did not remove the full coating
I liked the look & gave it a coat of paint
Depends upon the look you want
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