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Pool timer

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I have a t-104 Intermatic timer. It has A 1234 connection terminals with the load on the 2 & 4 terminals. The line are 1& 3 with 2 white wires from factory under the hubs. One thing which I am confused by is the old installation had a short white wire going from the A terminal to the grounding bar in the box. I put this back in the same way connected the load from the breaker on the 2 & 4 terminals and line on the 1-3 terminals on the timer with the white wires from timer. Turned back on power and motor works fine but timer does not run. Any ideas???
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Assuming you changed out the timer becuase it was not working. The mechancial timer is what usually goes bad, and you can buy just that and swap it into - no wiring, no mounting, etc. Cheaper and easier than changing the whole unit.
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