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Hi, I was wondering if I could use red hot and blue glue to repair or replace a hayward sp-722d valve for my pool filter , and how hard are these to remove or replace?


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Post is a little confusing.
No clue what you mean by the two differant colored glues.
What are you really trying to do?
If your trying to remove and replace that valve your going to have to cut the pipes, your going to need some fittings to replace some of the ones on there now because there glued, plus some couplings.
And you use primer and PVC cement to put it back together.
Oh sorry, the brand of PVC glue is "red hot and blue" fr home depot. Didn't know if I was gonna need to cut pipes to replace multiport valve
You should be fine with that brand.
I'm only seeing one union, and it sure looks like all the fitting a glued not threaded into that valve.
Yea they are glued in w/ some kinda PVC glue. Is there any easy way to remove w/o cutting , don't wanna give myself more work than can handle ,

The guy at Leslie pools said" just muscle it off"..
Then tell him to come over and show you how that's going to work.
The pipe will break long before the glue lets loose.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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