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pool bonding question.?

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I understand that i have to run #6 bare copper around the pool hitting all metal parts but my pool is a semi-inground. Every four feet or so there is a metal support going down the side of the pool. Do i need to put a bonding lug on every single one? There is probably 30+ of them. The metal frame of the pool is all connected to each other so i dont understand why i would have to hit every single one to be "code compliant"


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If the pool walls are metal and are continuous from support pole to support pole you do not have to bond everyone. Some jurisdictions only require that you bond to one of them & some want the metal wall bonded in 4 places etc...

It can depend on local requirements if there are none then I would bond to two of them and call it a day. Here is an example of one jurisdictions requirements.....


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Probably a good idea and required if part of the permanent structure around the pool, some jurisdictions require this only if 5 feet or closer from the waters edge.
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