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pool bonding question.?

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I understand that i have to run #6 bare copper around the pool hitting all metal parts but my pool is a semi-inground. Every four feet or so there is a metal support going down the side of the pool. Do i need to put a bonding lug on every single one? There is probably 30+ of them. The metal frame of the pool is all connected to each other so i dont understand why i would have to hit every single one to be "code compliant"


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Yes, it is a above ground pool that is about 12" above the surface, the rest underneath with a deep end. But my question is do i have to hit all 30-40 metal supports even though they are all connected by a metal top rail that goes around the entire pool??

I was going to use #6....will #8 meet code because that would be easier to work with and less expensive...?

Thanks again!
thanks answered my questions the same time i posted them!! Hopefully i can find that info about how many supports to bond to in the NYS code book but i doubt it.

I have 4 ladder cups bolted to my wood deck, do i have to bond to those as well?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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