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I realize this is pretty specialized, but if you're landscaping, maybe you're also dealing with ponds and their filter issues.

It's clear I need at least a new impeller (replacement part pictured), but I'm debating whether it's time to buy a whole new Laguna 960 filter pump. I plug it in and nothing happens. I've done all the troubleshooting. Your insight is appreciated before I make the move as to whether it's worth trying to order only the replacement part, or whether it's time to get a new one.

Scenario 1: The impeller on mine doesn't have the black tips on the end as pictured in the photo. I have a hunch that they have broken off and stuck in the motor. What I am able to see is white plastic in a ring shape, both on the impeller end and on its corresponding connection in the motor, almost as if the tip broke and I can see the inside of it. Being highly magnetic and tough to access, I don't have much hope of freeing the broken part if this is true, and would probably replace the whole thing.

Scenario 2: Maybe you talk me into buying the replacement part ($35) and possibly eating the cost if it doesn't work. That said if there are remnants of the old one it won't connect properly.

Any insights are much appreciated!

If you're curious about more of my misadventures refurbishing the koi pond that came with my house, here's another thread with photos.


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