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I built a 3 sided screen porch onto my house.. It is my third screen porch, so I know the benefits of them, but it is the first one on my new house... the old place was in a valley that got no wind, so the rain didn't come in, but this place gets plenty of wind.

I made a set of blinds from clear polished vinyl. The problem I have with them is that the material sticks to itself, causing it to wrinkle badly when rolling it up, and sometimes it won't come unrolled... like pulling a 16' wide piece of tape off the roll. I am still rather puzzled about the cause, because sometimes they unroll fine... I think it may have to do with warmer temperatures when they stick

I discovered that if I spray them with water from a hose before I roll them up, they don't wrinkle and roll up beautifully, and I thought that was the answer. But now that the temperatures are getting warmer, they don't want to unroll. And the water causes them to fog. I don't know if that's the chlorine in the water or not. I think the water and the warmer temperatures may actually cause them to stick ( not unroll ) worse

A bit too late to make a long story short, but I have not been able to find anything that addresses this problem.. the place where I bought the material was unhelpful, saying that it would get better as they got older. There is a product called strataglass that is coated with some sort of "polymers" . They don't specifically say that it won't stick to itself either. I have e-mailed them to ask, but haven't heard anything back yet.

I thought about car wax, but silicones seem to be a no-no with polished vinyl. I wondered about some sort of clear coat polyurethane or something.

Finally, my question... what could I do to polished vinyl material to make it stop sticking to itself?

thank you
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